Ivo Brughmans and Karen Van Heuckelom design and facilitate workshops on dealing effectively with polarities. The purpose of the workshops is to become conscious of the role that polarities play in your daily life and your work and to learn how to use them as a valued resource. This means getting to know your own polarities and the polarities of the system you are part of (organisation, team, family, …); to reflect on how you deal with these polarities (and what other approaches are possible besides moving into the extremes of seeking compromises; exploring the contradictory aspects of yourself that are often difficult to accept; discovering the strength of both sides of the opposite spectrum; learning to switch between opposites in a more fluent way. This all takes place in a secure and well-supported ‘exploration area’. The ultimate aim is that you’re no longer ruled by your polarities, but that you can choose which of the opposite aspects you want to bring forward in a specific situation in order to achieve your personal and professional goals.

We organize both workshops aimed at mere personal development, and workshops aimed at professional and leadership development. The principles are the same, but the accents are slightly different. In our personal development workshops we focus on discovering and learning to play with your own polarities and how this can help you to shift focus in your life. In our professional and leadership development workshops we also take personal development as a starting point but we go a step further by looking at the impact of polarities on systems and organizations. You will learn to use the power of polarities to increase the efficiency of your work, your team or your organization. We believe that change always starts with yourself and that you can’t cope with the polarities of teams, organizations or systems, if you are not proficient in managing your personal polarities. In the workshops we both provide a conceptual framework and offer exercises that enable you to (physically and emotionally) experience and concretely explore your polarities.

In-house workshops for organisations will of course be tailored to the specific objectives and needs of the organisation and the participants. We will then explore together what an optimal workshop programme and duration would be for your organisation. Please don’t hes­i­tate to con­tact us for any questions you might have.

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