Ivo gives presentations on dealing effectively with polarities in Dutch and English. Presentations on this topic can be approached from different perspectives: from a personal development perspective, from a leadership and management perspective or from a broad social/economic/political/cultural perspective. Presentations for organizations, companies and associations will be tailored to the specific needs and points of interest of the audience.

For example: on June 11th 2014, we held an inspiration session on paradoxical leadership for senior management of the city council of Rotterdam, with a conclusion by the Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb. On how the political and adminstrative leadership should deal effectively with the increasing number of paradoxes in the city. Estremely interesting discussions on the changing role of (local) government: balancing and switching fluently between top down bureaucratic control and grassroots citizens’ inititatives, between caring and stimulating self-reliance, between applying general rules and appreciating the specific personal situation…

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