A very inspiring book on reconciling opposites which provides an unconventionally refreshing approach to the big challenges of today. A book that everyone should read.’  – Fons Trompenaars

In his book ‘The Art of Paradoxical Life – using opposites as a strength’ Ivo Brughmans tries to give a positive response to one of the most pressing questions of our times: how can we deal with all the contradictions in our lives and in our world in a sustainable and positive way? The book is both practical and philosophical. It provides insight into how polarities work in everything we do, both at the level of the individual, the organization and the society as a whole. It indicates that the major problems of our time are caused by a one-sided ‘either/or’ approach towards opposites: from fundamentalism to the rise of extreme right, from monoculture to depression, from our failing approach towards dictators to the problems we face in developing a sustainable lifestyle. However, the book does not stop at the level of problem analysis but offers techniques and practical tips how to deal with opposite values in a more balanced and fluent way in our everyday life.
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“Ever since the emergence of philosophy the question “What is good living?” stands out. With this book Ivo Brughmans carries on this long tradition and provides a wonderful example of how philosophy can be relevant for both daily practice and the major challenges of our time.”
Prof. Dr. Erik Weber, Chairman of the Faculty of Philosophy and Moral sciences, Ghent University

“Ivo Brughmans provides clever models for the use of polarities in your life. They work very well and they have helped me gain very valuable insights.”
Igor Byttebier, Ghent, author of ‘Creativity today’

“The way of paradoxical living outlined by Ivo Brughmans in his book fits me like a glove. He showed me that the concept is applicable to much more than I thought. Both on a personal and social level, the models he uses are not only very useful but they also make life much more enjoyable and challenging. I’m a fan! ”
Ineke Meeus, Antwerp, Head of nursing

‘A fascinating book form the first to the last page. This is the book I wanted to have written myself. At last our complex world explained by a delightfully simple model.’
Luc Severijnen, Director Social Services, Municipality of Rotterdam
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